sreda, 28. marec 2012

End of season

Last week we spent on Rogla Freestyle Week parting and riding super slushy park. There is also some fotos of Andraž´s last trip with Untouched and Agi's edit from Bad gastein. Actually is that all from this season in Slovenia and we are all looking forward to some trips beyond north border.

ponedeljek, 12. marec 2012

Untouched trip to Oetztal: Part 2

Next day was cloudy so we decided to scout Hochoetz resort for some features in the woods and checked lines which could be done when sun showed up. Area was a real freeride playground, which offered everything from tree rides to almost some big mountain lines. Early I spotted a cliff near the top station of chairlift and went for it. Because of frozen level under fresh snow I turned out to be not so simple job. Then we moved in the woods where we rest of a day search for natural obstacles. We also got fond of minor snowfall which started as we went along.

Fotos by Katja Pokorn

Untouched trip to Oetztal: Part 1

I had almost given up to ride some fresh snow this year. Fortunately guys from Untouched project invited me on trip to Oetztal area. First day we visited Soelden glacier. However forecast showed cloudy weather a day before, we enjoyed on sunshine. Perfect day for hiking some lines with Maček and trying to avoid sharks in them. Thanked to his experiences I could improve my riding from day to day. We wished that day just wouldn't finished and almost got stuck on the mountain.

Fotos by Katja Pokorn

nedelja, 19. februar 2012

Another day on the school playground

Today me and Andraž returned to dolenjska to hit the C-rail we have found yesterday. After few speed checks Andraž realized that his skis are too slow. So here are just two pics of me doing my our job:). We also catch few shots on tape.
Stay tuned for some more action.

 p.s. just for the record: inrun was 200m good night people:)
Cheers Agi

Carnival trip to Dolenjska

For today Lovrenc invited us to night event in his home village Mokronog. So we decided to search and shoot some spots near Novo mesto. As usual we got kicked from nice down rail and moved to double kink where neighbors more tolerant. When we were done, we also built landing for tomorrow's feature. Then sun went down an it was time to moved in Mokronog. We were all surprised on crow, firefighter's lights and also Uroš joined us straight from Krvavec upgrading his instructors licence there. All event turned out to be great session/show and all riders seemed to enjoy it. Uroš got on podium with all kind of flips in an old race type wear. Other Jibrothers impressed judges more with their masks and took some prices. It's fare to praised Kolenc family and people from all village for hospitality and organization of that great vibe evening.